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Happy Thanksgiving

We'd like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers. Enjoy the turkey!

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- koboldkiller <2009-11-26 06:11:12>
Happy Halloween

We wanted to wish all of our visitors a Happy Halloween. Enjoy the holidays, and the latest updates here at Mmodb.

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- koboldkiller <2009-10-31 10:10:05>
Data Updated

We've upated our database with the latest information from the Beta. This should bring all of our content completely up to date with the last patch. We hope you enjoy the new information!

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- koboldkiller <2009-08-17 21:08:59>
New Search Feature

We're always happy to bring you new features on the site, and the latest addition is an Auto-Complete feature in our search engine. Typing anything into the search box will automatically fill in links for items that start with that name. This should make it easier to find items if you aren't sure about the spelling.

Enjoy the web site!

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- koboldkiller <2009-07-31 16:07:46>
Happy Independence Day!

I'd like to extend our wishes for a Happy Independence Day to all of our American visitors. Enjoy the Holidays!

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- koboldkiller <2009-07-04 06:07:53>
3D NPC Bestiary Models

Update: Fixed some URL problems causing the viewer not to show up in the iBox. Also the model is now aligned properly at the proper height. Look forward to PC and Vendor models soon. Nowhere else can you view these models online. Only here at MMODB. Have a look at Aion 3D Models in our Bestiary, lots to see, zoom in, zoom out, rotate the models, see it before you see it ingame. Sample 3D NPC Model #1 | Sample 3D NPC Model #2

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- sanklovich <2009-06-19 09:06:05>
Database Launches

Welcome to our Aion Database! There are a couple of areas of our site which are still under construction, most notably the Recipe and Skill sections. But in general, you can assume that we will continue to upgrade our data and layouts over time. However, with the imminent launch of the beta we wanted to get the site up and running for those seeking information. Of particular note is our model viewer. We're still feeding more models into it, but there are already a good number that are already on display. We hope you enjoy the web site!

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- koboldkiller <2009-06-16 12:06:25>
Little Preview

We're just building the site layouts, all the data is in and here's a little preview of our Aion 3D Model Viewer.

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- sanklovich <2009-06-12 19:06:33>
Preparing For Beta

With beta news circulating from E3, Massively has posted up a new editorial which provides some things to do while Prepping for the Beta. Here's a clip...
This also means exploring the starter zone Eltnen and you'll be able to pick one of four classes: priest, scout, warrior and mage. As you level up to 20, you'll also be able to expand your class into one of two sub-classes (a bit like talent trees in WoW). Priests will be able to train as clerics or chanters, scouts as assassins or rangers, mages as spiritmasters or sorcerers and warriors as templers or gladiators.

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- koboldkiller <2009-06-04 15:06:16>
Runes of Magic MMODB Launches

In unrelated news, we wanted to take the time to mention the latest addition to our family of sites. Runes of Magic MMODB has opened its doors today. This site is dedicated to the Free to Play MMOG Runes of Magic. We hope this site proves useful to anyone who is playing or plans on playing Runes of Magic.

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- koboldkiller <2009-04-15 06:04:02>