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Race: Beast

Aion Mud Ribbit


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rCsqnLhHNxGcfr by Lucia <Guest> on 01/05/2013 15:33:33   - Pending for Approval
RadishlawThanks to Grimnir I see your blog now, thanks for evihrtyeng you have done for WAR so far Aiiane.In response to the article, I do agree people seems to think very highly of sub numbers as an indicator of success and failure , which is strange considering the whole market exploded since days of the first MMOs, and a failed game can easily be at top of the chart before .Sure, from a business standpoint sub numbers are important, but it is also a game. As a player I would have thought personal enjoyment is the sole deciding factor, but apparently arguments doesn't work that way.To me, every software has its life cycle. As long as I enjoy it, and the company is maintaining it, all is well. If they ask for feedback, I give them. If they change the direction so that I don't enjoy it anymore, I leave. It's not that hard right? Why all the agonizing over minute details, numbers and such? Those are the job of the company's management, my job is go into the world they set up and bash some heads.

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