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Slots: Main Or Sub
Type: 1H Dagger
Level: 41
Sells For: 428950

Aion Dagger of Rank 4 Elysean Army Soldier

Dagger of Rank 4 Elysean Army Soldier
Type 1H Dagger
Cannot be traded, Cannot be stored in account warehouse, Unable to store in the Legion Warehouse
Avalable for Level 41 or higher

Normal 1 Strike Weapon
Attack 95 - 105
Physical Critical 100 Parry 503
Atk Speed 1.2 Accuracy 514
Magical Accuracy 148

Parry +35

Manastone Socketing

Godstone Socket Enabled


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ArHDPKKqzGL by Buffee <Guest> on 07/22/2011 00:08:29   - Pending for Approval
Ya learn someithng new everyday. It's true I guess!

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