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Slots: Main Or Sub
Type: 1H Dagger
Level: 45
Sells For: 717150

Aion Kurngalfberg Protector's Dagger

Kurngalfberg Protector's Dagger
Type 1H Dagger
Cannot be traded, Cannot be stored in account warehouse, Unable to store in the Legion Warehouse
Avalable for Level 45 or higher

Normal 1 Strike Weapon
Attack 117 - 131
Physical Critical 100 Parry 608
Atk Speed 1.2 Accuracy 672
Magical Accuracy 209

Critical Hits +39 Attack Delay +15%

Manastone Socketing

Godstone Socket Enabled


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FeNvRCnEpPFSEapNy by Laura <Guest> on 01/06/2013 10:03:03   - Pending for Approval
THX that's a great asnewr!

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