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Slots: Main Or Sub
Type: 1H Dagger
Level: 45
Sells For: 597650

Aion Tristran's Dirk

Tristran's Dirk
Type 1H Dagger
Cannot be traded, Cannot be stored in account warehouse, Unable to store in the Legion Warehouse
Avalable for Level 45 or higher

Normal 1 Strike Weapon
Attack 108 - 120
Physical Critical 100 Parry 564
Atk Speed 1.2 Accuracy 606
Magical Accuracy 183

HP +147

Manastone Socketing

Godstone Socket Enabled


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cVIBLDugDkVVlfQEy by Esperanza <Guest> on 01/05/2013 22:18:54   - Pending for Approval
I agree with your main point, but as others have said, the coemtupr example might be a bad one. A better example, in my opinion, is the Drive skill. While I can definitely see a modern-day horror character specializing in coemtuprs and technology, having the Drive skill included seems anti-thematic. Either you can drive or you can't. But having varying levels of driving skill sort of implies Transporter-like car chases, which aren't really thematic. And if you want to play in a Vampire game where they are, then house rule it as a skill.Yes, a game should focus design elements on the themes that are meant to be prevalent in the game, and not worry so much about providing everything needed for a complete simulation of a fantastic reality. But I also think that a game should be flexible enough to accommodate for varying play styles, and in the case of tabletop without having to be house-ruled to hell. That's not to say that someone should easily be able to play Vampire in a Dragonball Z sort of fashion (if you want that, why the hell are you playing Vampire in the first place?), but alterations and twists to the intended design should be easy.

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