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Category: Heiron
Quest Level: 32
Required Level: 30


XP: 238,000

Aion Investigating Superus Ruins


Optional Reward: 

Sarantus\'s Cloth Leggings
Sarantus\'s Leather Leggings
Sarantus\'s Chain Greaves
Sarantus\'s Plate Greaves


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tyZTPhrnM by Aisha <Guest> on 01/05/2013 11:16:20   - Pending for Approval
My previous excreeienpe with Nc soft was a displeasing one first of all because they encourage chieze farmers paying 6 accounts to farm ingame curency non stop, and thats just sad . Furthermore the game content for the casual , 1 hour a day, player was missing completly after a certain level (lets say 20), and the growing of your caracter war brutally reduced in grinding 8 hours a day a few % of your level growth. Yes i am talking about Lineage2, I know its called MMO for a reason but it doesent come from MASIVE MASSOCHISTS ONLINE, Blizzard achieved a balance betweeen the hardcore players and the cassual ones quite good so far, im not saying they got it all figured out. CCP is another game developer which came with a better alternative for experience grinding boredome, so lets see what NCsoft has learned from their prevoius mistakes.P.S. i forgot to mention how ill balanced their class system was in L2 sadly

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