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Category: Heiron
Quest Level: 38
Required Level: 33


XP: 584,000

Aion Multiplying Klaw

Collect Living Cell x3

Optional Reward: 

Barsita\'s Dagger
Barsita\'s Sword
Barsita\'s Warhammer
Barsita\'s Spear
Barsita\'s Longbow
Barsita\'s Staff
Barsita\'s Magic Book
Barsita\'s Jewel


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VPTrXIdWVeuAfOBrgA by Swapnil <Guest> on 01/05/2013 17:34:45   - Pending for Approval
There's a handful of games honlidg really low numbers in subs that just refuse to die, based on that I can't really accept the notion that subs = life in MMO's. Aside from the money issue, I think it's more a developer vs publisher that takes games out. Nothing to really support that theory, but there's been games with more than enough subs that catch a shutdown notice and really throw the playerbase for a spin. This just reeks of internal problems as opposed to cashflow issues. Really, any amount of cashflow in the green will keep a game living for years beyond it's time. A few ill mannered words spoken to the wrong guy in suit however OT: I just discovered your blog, I absolutely love your work. Big kudos, a small feature, and a spot on my blogroll for ya. -Cheers!

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