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Category: Heiron
Quest Level: 36
Required Level: 31


XP: 754,000

Aion Power Of The Elim


Optional Reward: 

Arbolu\'s Cloth Tunic
Arbolu\'s Leather Jerkin
Arbolu\'s Chain Hauberk
Arbolu\'s Breastplate


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by Splack <Guest> on 10/07/2009 06:28:26Rating: 0 [-][+]
How do u get up the tree to talk to guy in second part of quest?

by <Guest> on 10/10/2009 21:23:06Rating: 0 [-][+]
u can talk to him under the rock

kekelep62 by cheap rolling tobacco <Guest> on 04/09/2014 14:14:08   - Pending for Approval
I hope this was a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

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