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Category: Heiron
Quest Level: 34
Required Level: 30


XP: 294,000

Aion Root Of The Rot



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etdflSezq by Ozan <Guest> on 01/05/2013 18:11:54   - Pending for Approval
yes, I can't stand playing anhintyg that isn't evil .@Coolit, depends , but we pulled it from our site, prolly not though, I was not happy with there direction and my school is getting busy, and I been put on a team to build games, so my time will be limited, if it gets worse I may have to bail on gaming all together.I went to school for a reason and that was to build good games, not the trash we seen in the last 5 years, but I have learned one thing, MMO's are not popular among people at school . Hardly anyone there is a MMO fan at all. You can make alot more money making smaller scale games, and keep YOUR JOB!! Mmo's cost more to make and fail more. As Far as that game I posted they are in the Design/Early Stages still. But looks promising in a few years.

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