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Category: Ishalgen
Quest Level: 4
Required Level: 3


XP: 1,750
Gold: 770

Aion Urd's Request

Useful Tips: TIP: Birds are at the lake near the village.


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by <Guest> on 10/13/2009 03:44:43Rating: 0 [-][+]
Birds are in the lake near the village

jgasylfYSqRvuJIEJY by Ryukai <Guest> on 01/06/2013 07:13:09   - Pending for Approval
Ty Ferrel I agree, early adoption is a lonisg strategy. Though bloggers often do it just so they can get more readers by blogging about something new. Readers should never do it. And I don't unless I've done my homework on the game and found ti to be an exception to the rule. I've opted out of buying STO and a few others here until they pass the test of time.

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